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Verizon Media Open Source Developer Guide

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The Verizon Media Open Source Developer Guide covers all relevant information to publishing, using, contributing to, promoting, and growing open source at Verizon Media.

The Verizon Media Open Source Program Office (OSPO) provides services to help developers with their open source needs. These services are highlighted in this guide. Employees can check out the OSPO Welcome Page on our intranet page (on The Street) and can contact the OSPO team via email ospo@ or Slack #opensource with questions. We’ve made a redacted version of this guide public for others to consider leveraging at their company and to invite feedback to help us improve our services.


The guide for how our employees should use, contribute to, publish, promote, and grow open source projects:

Topic Description
Using Using open source code in platforms, products, and services
Contributing Contributing to existing open source projects
Publishing Publishing new open source projects
Launching Launching products that contain open source code or binaries
Promoting How the OSPO helps your project grow a community
Accepting Accepting code from your community
Resources Supplemental information and resources for the guide


Please refer to the file for information about how to contribute to this guide. We welcome issues, questions, and pull requests. We request contributors to this project make note of our Code of Conduct.


Ashley Wolf:
Gil Yehuda:
This guide is built using GitHub Pages with Jekyll and the Just the Docs theme.

License and Acknowledgements

This guide is inspired by, and some sections are derivative of a similar guide published by Google. Their work and ours is licensed under CC-BY-4.0.

Thank you to Megan Leney and Ben Pearson for helping us refine this guide.

Copyright Verizon Media. Content licensed under CC-BY-4.0